PEAK ELITE is a year round program built around four pillars that is designed for the committed student-athlete with the desire to participate in collegiate athletics. PEAK ELITE's mission is to prepare student-athletes to succeed in the college athletic environment. The PEAK ELITE mission goes beyond getting student-athletes on college teams. Instead, we will empower the student-athlete to leverage the characteristics and values used in competition, to become decisive influencers in the classroom, their communities and in their careers

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"A catalyst for redemptive influence in the world."

PEAK Elite Members will be transformed by making an impact locally, nationally and globally. PEAK Elite Members are required to complete a variety of community services as a part of their commitment to the PEAK Elite Program.

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"Maximizing potiential to be a lifetime learner and leader."

PEAK Elite Members receive academic enhancement training that will make them a desired student at multiple college campuses. PEAK Elite Members are required to maintain an academic standard and work towards maximizing opportunities to improve their performance and leadership in the classroom.

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"Elite athletic training - physically and mentally."

PEAK Elite Members train at their highest level using individulaized and group training programs to maximize their athletic pursuits. Training will increase physical performance, develop mental toughness and sharpen competitive focus. PEAK Elite Members are required to follow their training plans and maintain a positive approach and effort.

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"Real Life. Real Experience."

PEAK Elite Members have will opportunites to gain real world experience in occupational fields that they want to explore. PEAK Elite Members will also gain knowledge in how to leverage cultural influences to impact their future and positively effect those around them.

  • Monday: 8am8pm
  • Tuesday: 8am8pm
  • Wednesday: 8am8pm
  • Thursday: 8am8pm
  • Friday: 8am1pm
  • Saturday: 8am1pm

PEAK Training Academy
481 Shoreline Dr.
Muskegon,, MI 49440

p: 231.722.9019