The West Michigan Ironmen are a professional arena football team that calls Muskegin home. They play home games at the LC Walker Arena; commonly called "The Foundry" by their fans. Last season the Ironmen won the Northern Division of the A.I.F and played in the Championship Game.

The West Michigan Ironmen train exclusively at PEAK. The Ironmen staff also uses PEAK as a hub for their day to day activities. Many of the Ironmen workout at PEAK on a daily basis. Several of the Ironmen coach local high school teams and also train younger athletes at PEAK.

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The Muskegon Risers are a professional Indoor and Outdoor soccer team from Muskegon. They play their indoor home games at the LC Walker Arena and play their outdoor games at Reeths Puffer High School.

Muskegon Risers SC was founded to help facilitate positive social and economic change along the Muskegon Lakeshore through the game of soccer. A Riser is someone who understands our community's potential and who pushes themselves and others to realize that potential. Our 'Risers' name was inspired by the 'Muskegon, Together Rising' sculpture that stands in the heart of downtown Muskegon. Risers are not limited to an era, industry or ethnicity. Muskegon Risers SC strives to represent the spirit of our area's people in past, present and future tense

The Risers train at PEAK working in strength, agility, ball skills, and conditioning. The elite level of play that the Risers bring to Muskegon is accentuated by the training they get at PEAK.

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The USHL's Muskegon Lumberjacks are one of the premier junior hockey teams in the US. The roster is filled with future NHL stars from all over the world.

PEAK is proud to train the Lumberjacks. The Jacks utilize PEAK for strength training, athlete's yoga focusing on muscle recovery and flexibility, conditioning on our hockey treadmill, and hone their shooting skills in our shooting stations.

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