How old do you have to be to train at PEAK?

As a general rule, PEAK is designed for athletes 6th grade and up. We also recognize that athletes develop at different paces and at different times. Therefore we do have room for younger athletes at the discretion of parents and the trainer. Some programming may have an athletic target level (Varsity, JV, Middle School etc) that will reflect the level of intensity of the class, clinic, or camp. If a request is made for an athlete to participate that is not at the targeted athletic level, the trainer will be contacted to discuss if accommodations can be made.

  • Monday: 8am8pm
  • Tuesday: 8am8pm
  • Wednesday: 8am8pm
  • Thursday: 8am8pm
  • Friday: 8am1pm
  • Saturday: 8am1pm

PEAK Training Academy
481 Shoreline Dr.
Muskegon,, MI 49440

p: 231.722.9019