CORE - Performance

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CORE - Perfomance

CORE Performance classes are offered on a regular basis at PEAK. These classes have a training plan built to increase athleticism, specific skills and overall performance as it relates to the crossover of multiple sports.

CORE CLASSES are unlimited with a CORE MEMBERSHIP.


ZOOM 101

ZOOM - verb. 1.) to move quickly or suddenly. 2.) to move at a great speed for a short distance 3.) to move sharply in avoidance of an obstacle.

Athletes who ZOOM are athletes whose agility is unmatched.

At ZOOM, athletes will learn techniques that will increase their ability to change directions and accelerate. Drills and functional movements will be instructed with a high attention to detail.

Athlete will work through cones, agility hurdles, plyo boxes, bags and more. Every class will finish with an obstacle course that will combine skills drilled during class.

ZOOM is a class that will benefit all athletes, especially those sports where change of direction and acceleration will up their game.

ZOOM is currently scheduled Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm



C2 - Core and Conditioning

Core Strength is critical to all sports and to all athletes. Core strength increases speed, increases overall strength, and probably most important, prevents injuries.

Conditioning also plays a major role in every sport. Athletes who are better conditioned keep focus longer, are mentally tougher and maintain proper technique deeper into competition.

C2 will focus on these two pivotal and often overlooked components to athletic competition. Trainers will challenge athletes where they are at and will empower them to improve each session. Trainers will use both traditional and new methods to build core strength and condition athletes.

C2 will be a challenging course, no matter where you are as an athlete. Athletes who make C2 a regular part of their training will see a vast difference when they are in competition.

C2 is scheduled Mondays and Tuesdays at 7pm




PEAK POWER 101 will teach athletes the proper techniques used when strength training.

Each week athletes will work on the standard lifts that are in all weight training programs; bench press, squat, power cleans, and dead lifts.

One lift will be highlighted each week. Athletes will learn variations of each lift, proper bio-mechanics, essential warm ups, and the minute details that will enable lifters to maximize their potential. Athletes will also learn auxiliary lifts that accentuate the core lifts.

PEAK POWER 101 is currently not scheduled. Interested? Please contact us.


Jump School

Jump School is an explosive movement class that will focus on increased jumping ability.

Jumping both vertically and for power, this is an excellent class for the multi-sport athlete as well as for those athletes focused on a sport where jumping is a critical component to success.

All levels of athletes will see an increase in performance when they attend Jump School regularly.

The vertical jump and a standing broad jump will be used a metric for growth.

Jump School is currently scheduled on Wednesdays at 5:30pm.




Circuit Strength is a new CORE CLASS at PEAK.

Athletes will go through a circuit style workout focused on increasing strength. Each station will focus on a different muscle group. Athletes will use resistance techniques and body weight to increase strength.

This a great class for any athlete looking to get a full body workout while building or maintaining strength.

Circuit Strength is currently not scheduled. Interested? Please contact us.

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FAST FEET is quickness.

FAST FEET is agility.

FAST FEET is change of direction.

It all starts with your feet. Athletes that enroll in fast feel will work on techniques and drills that will increase overall quick-twitch muscle response. Cones, hurdles, bags and ladders will be used as athletes maneuver the turf with fast feet.

FAST FEET is a great class for any athlete that wants to increase their overall quickness.

FAST FEET is offered Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

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